Advanced Skills for Leading Remote Teams

Online Workshop: Advanced Skills for Leading Remote Teams

We are fast approaching 2021 and remote work is here to stay. The novelty of working remotely has worn off however, and more teams are noticing the strain from a lack of in-person encounters. Stress accumulates, conflicts start to escalate, and you as a leader are more needed than ever to keep the team from falling apart.

Building on our very successful online workshop »Leading Remote Teams«, we now offer Advanced Skills for Leading Remote Teams. There is no need to have completed the first workshop to benefit from this one.

In two 4-hour sessions, we offer leaders advanced but practical tools for remote leadership including:

  • »Extreme remote teaming«: the role of the leader
  • Strengthening the team through purpose, trust and psychological safety
  • Successfully having critical conversations and resolving conflict online
  • Virtually onboarding new team members
  • »Magical« digital team meetings that inspire and motivate

The workshop is built around our proven format of 10″-20″-20″: Short 10-minute presentation of a highly effective leadership tool, 20 minutes subgroup exercises with the tool, followed by 20 minutes Q&A in the group. This is not a training or seminar, but an intensely interactive online workshop that allows leaders to learn from and with each other.

We will offer both in-house and open formats with 8-12 participants per Workshop.

Moderation: Daniel Goetz
Where: Online via MS Teams or Zoom
Participants: 8 – 12

Language: English or German

Costs: 450 € per person for open workshops (prices plus VAT); In-house workshops on request.

Contact and registration: | phone: +49 221 3909 3390

Download: Info-Flyer