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Corona Crisis Leadership – Steering the company through the crisis together as an agile leadership team.


The Covid-19 virus is causing disruptive changes to our world almost every day. From one moment to the next, our situation has become volatile, precarious and the future even less dependable and projectable than before. Companies are facing rapidly advancing financial threats, employees are working under enormous psychological pressure, solutions to existential challenges need to be found in next to no time. In the face of this, it’s a gut instinct to call for fast decision-taking, a strong hand and all-round control …

Many years of working with managers and teams in challenging situations have taught us that this is rarely the right reaction. In fact, the most successful answer to chaos is: agility. The chances of success are so much greater where a unified, yet highly dynamic, management team masters the Covid crisis step by step, keeping their sights fixed on the current challenges as they arise.

Combining patterns of success from past projects, we have assembled an instant programme on a virtual basis. It will help management teams adjust to crisis mode and steer their company and their employees through the crisis with agility in mind.

Elements from the programme:

  • Rapid Situation Assessment
  • Crisis tactics based on sprint logic
  • Iterative management logistics
  • Prototype development and instant implementation of effective measures
  • Action-based team-building
  • Setting up short cycle review and feedback structures

Our experienced consultants will accompany you:

Dr. Johannes Ries
Johannes has been consulting organizations, educating managers and aiding cultural transformation processes internationally since 2007. He began setting up the Agility focus at SYNNECTA in 2010. Together with Renate, he planned and directs the Agile Culture Coach Training, which has been fully booked for years. Existential crisis contexts are familiar to Johannes from his scientific research as a cultural anthropologist working on precarity contexts and poverty cultures.

Christian Fust
Christian has worked as a coach and with peak performance teams in professional sport and since 2005 in organization consultancy. His particular focus has been self-management and resilience, decoding the patterns of success in crisis management and »successful failure«. In the past years, he has concentrated on agile work methods and organization cultures. He is one of SYNNECTA’s Agile Culture Coach Training lead trainers.

Renate Standfest
Renate had successfully consulted and supported organizations and companies in challenging change processes since 1999. She conceived of the Agile Culture Coach Training together with Johannes, and is responsible for its continued development as a lead trainer. Beyond her long-standing background in consultancy, Renate also draws on her experience from having been active in community politics for many years. She has a real desire to drive the changes that our society and economy need and to set up agile work methods, especially in times of crisis.


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