Involved and Affected – virtual supervision

Involved and Affected – virtual supervision

The current Covid crisis has affected our life and work contexts. People have been worried about their own health and that of their close relatives. Their work conditions have undergone drastic change. Colleagues are no longer at hand, we are working in isolation and socially distanced. An uncertain economy is preventing future planning. Many are feeling disoriented and suffer from a loss of control, others have sheer existential worries.

This situation is especially challenging when people have to face an inner conflict between their own involvement and their own concerns: seeking to support colleagues and fellows while at the same time searching for answers and being struck insecurity themselves. We offer support everyone who works in such a conflicted situation.

Frequent questions in this context:

  • How can I help myself well through this situation? How can I take good enough care of myself?
  • How can I be there for others, support and accompany them, while I am so very uncertain myself?
  • How do I maintain my own stability and scope of action?

We know that people in care work are currently facing particularly extreme challenges. The Covid situation has increased the insecurities felt by clients and patients. Those who live with mental illness or dementia, for example, may simply not be able to understand the visitor ban for relatives or distancing rules. In these contexts, the challenges are even greater. It takes more strength and additional ideas to be able to adequately deal with the conflict between our own worries and concerns on the one hand and the needs of the patients on the other. We want to be there for you!

Our group supervisions provide a space to look into this interior conflict, for everyone to bring their own thoughts in order and reflect on and direct their own feelings. We provide an opportunity for exchange, for expanding our horizons and finding new modes of action so that you can go back to providing others with the security, respite and orientation they need.

Typical questions that can be addressed during the supervision:

  • How do I deal with the challenges and contradictions I am facing in this crisis situation?
  • What is my role and my responsibility in this crisis situation?
  • How do I gather the inner stability I need so that I can give a sense of safety to others?
  • How can I act in order to gain stability?
  • How do I deal with my emotions? How can I direct my emotions?
  • How can I be calmer and more relaxed in how I deal with my patients, colleagues, fellows, …?


  • Supervision is an open offer for anyone in need.
  • We can also offer in-house supervisions for open groups or teams upon request.
  • Choice of two formats – short: 2 to 2.5 hours, or long: 3.5 to 4 hours.
  • Number of participants: approx. 6-8 persons (groups of fewer than 6 persons are possible upon request)
  • Methods: moderated reflection with added input, alternation between plenary sessions and small groups, collegial case advice, systemic work approaches, relaxation methods

Your supervisors:

Dr. Andreas Lindner
Andreas has advised organizations and companies in change processes since 2001. He has always placed the people he has accompanied as consultant and coach at the centre. They are the people who are responsible during the change, who have to ensure that everything keeps going and are at the same time affected themselves. Crisis situations make it especially difficult to maintain inner orientation and stability. That is why Andreas supports consistent resource orientation and activation coupled with systemic methods to resolve blocks and to move people. This approach has allowed him to successfully accompany managers and teams from many different organizations through crisis situations.

Andrea Klusendick
Andrea has been a freelance organization consultant, supervisor and family therapist in the context of psycho-social care since 2004. Crisis situations and dealing with all kinds of challenges are part of her work and life worlds. She accompanies and supports individuals, teams and organizations in order to discover their potential, recognize patterns and thereby expand their means of action and range of responses. She bases her work and her personal understanding of dealing with people on recognizing and valuing human diversity. She designs and maintains spaces for people to feel safe and encouraged to try new things and make creative and effective use of their potential.

Fetiye Sisko
Fetiye has been internationally active in organization consultancy, leadership training and agile transformations since 2008. She has accompanied companies in crisis since 2013 and is one of the leading crisis consultants within Synnecta. She helps people live up to their responsibilities and maintain their stability despite their own insecurities. In her work she considers it essential to support people to be clear about their own needs as well as those of the people they are responsible for. Being able to address the irreconcilable conflicts that arise from that is an important step towards staying empowered during a crisis.


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