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Virtual Meet-Ups – Successfully leading online meetings

Compact seminar for greater efficiency and efficacy in online meetings

Online meetings have many advantages as long as they are well designed. However, the reality often differs. Telephone conferences and virtual meetings in everyday business life often suffer from: (1) a lack of focus, (2) a lack of orientation, (3) insufficient participation, (4) shortfalls in implementing agreements.

Virtual meetings are even more likely to attract these problems than in-person events are. The good news is that good preparation, a fitting structure and goal-oriented moderation can help you design your meetings to be more efficient.

Behavioural economist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Richard Thaler researched the topic of »nudging« and has delivered insights that we translate into practical tips on how to design your meetings in different phases: before, during and after the meet-up.

Seminar Content:

This compact and interactive online seminar will teach you the four levers for better meetings.

Clear Focus: Each meeting needs a clear focus. What is the »purpose« of the meeting? Without this focus, invitations will go out to too many and the wrong people. Find out how to design a meeting with a goal in mind, so that it does not get lost in endless discussions!

Good Orientation: How do we navigate the conversation clearly, so that all participants know where they are going? Participants are often not clear about the kind of a conversation they are engaging in. Everyone is familiar with the resulting problems: people talk past each other, participants lose focus, discussions go in circles, time plans are not kept to. Learn how to do it better!

Intensive Exchange: What can I do to encourage constructive participation? – Find out which clever interventions animate lively participation but still prevent individuals from dominating the meeting and ensure that you are tapping into the collectve creativity and expertise.

Strength of commitment: How do I avoid vague and uncertain endings to meetings? What can I do so that participants stick to agreements? – Find out the tricks to raise the level of participant commitment.

Good to know: This interactive online seminar focuses on methodical impulses irrespective of the platforms you are using. We deliberately do not include training in the technology of various online collaboration tools (skype, zoom, …), but use elements that work for any platform.


Moderator: SYNNECTA Consultant Eike Reinhardt
Online via Zoom (Link willbe sent)
Duration: 3.5 hours (incl. short break)
Times: as agreed

How much: 299 € per person, 199 € per person if 3 or more persons are registered at the same time (net prices without VAT)

Contact and registration:

Register at Contact us by phone +49 221 3909 3390 or by email at

To find out more about the content, contact the consultant in charge: Mr. Eike Reinhardt,