Enterprises 2.0

»Work out loud – the potential of sharing«

Enterprise 2.0 stands for the highly networked company.

The goal is the transformation of communication and cooperation to an agile and flexible collaboration, whereby perspectives, knowledge and resources are shared openly. The resulting higher degree of adaptability on the part of the company helps in the successful management of the increasing complexity of the work world as well as of the dynamics and volatility of the markets. Web 2.0 technologies (e.g., social networks, virtual communities, blogs, wikis, file sharing, etc.) provide the technical vehicle that is necessary to reach this goal. At their core, however, they are about a profound transformation of our corporate culture, which is often characterised today by protected expertise, hierarchical power plays and functional tasks and success based on selfishness.

The concomitant development of the organisation, the competence of its members, and especially the establishment of a new management culture 2.0 that allows and promotes this transformation to more openness, exchange and sharing is therefore really the decisive success factor.

SYNNECTA accompanies you in the introduction of E2.0 and social business solutions
  • We support you in developing and implementing an accompaniment or roll-out process which is appropriate for you in order to support the idea and goal setting associated with E2.0 in your organisation and, from the outset, to use existing E2.0 technologies and media.
  • Together with you, we develop customised dialogue formats in order to enable an exchange about hierarchy and functions. As a result, chances and opportunities as well as possible resistance and concerns regarding E2.0 can be discussed.
  • Together with you, we integrate the necessary IT technical training in the cultural accompaniment and change process.
  • We empower people in your organisation who can in turn provide support as multipliers in the introduction of E2.0.