Leadership skills

Leadership skills – mid-sized companies

Corporate. Personal. Managerially sound.

Mid-sized companies today …

are active in volatile markets in a global, networked economy. They are faced with growing customer demands and an increasingly competitive environment. This means increasing demands on individuals and teams. In these conditions, management is the key success factor!

Management is always about people.
How credible is the management? Is it trusted?

Good management means providing orientation, having influence and, at the same time, leaving the employees room for independent, responsible action. Management is complex. Structures, processes and management tools help managers in their tasks, but they are not enough. The decisive factor is the manager’s personality, authentic behaviour, as well as his or her ability to read the context and shape it according to the objectives.

We focus on the development of your leadership skills.

With a strong, practical orientation to your company and its people, you deal with your role and responsibility as a manager as well as with your own actions and their effect in the management context.

Management significantly influences the success of your business.

The way in which the employees and their teams reach their potential and use it in terms of the common business success depends strongly on the management. To recognise this potential in yourself and others and to use it in a targeted fashion for the purposes of corporate success is the resource-oriented approach of the SYNNECTA Management Qualification.

The target group of the SYNNECTA Management Qualification

The program is aimed at senior and experienced managers of medium-sized companies who want to gain a profound understanding of the social guidance and development of their business and to develop their division strategically, structurally and culturally.