About Us

We are great at people.

We are committed to humanism. Our internal attitude towards people with whom we work: Sincerity as a basis of building confidence, in order to create meaning and provide orientation. We have a sense of humour and are not deceived by our own perceptions, but rather illuminate situations in a life-affirming and critical way.

Since 1999, SYNNECTA has employed experienced consultants and counsellors from disciplines such as philosophy, economics, sociology, psychology, sport sciences, natural sciences and ethnology to work together in an interdisciplinary fashion.We are equipped with versatile theoretical backgrounds and certified qualifications from systemic consultancy, cross-cultural learning, supervision and coaching, such as transactional analysis, person-centred approaches and the anti-bias-approach.

We live diversity

We operate internationally and are represented by our locations in Antwerp, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Bangkok, Shanghai and Austin. We have successfully conducted workshops, training, major events, mediation, supervision and change projects in 32 countries, on five continents, in ten languages, with 40,000 participants and with more than 50 consultants. We support international corporations as well as medium-sized businesses and non-profit organisations. We live diversity and work cross-culturally and internationally with our extensive expertise.

In addition to the language of understanding, we speak English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Chinese, Hindi and Dutch.