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New Leadership

Agile leadership: factors of success

The last years have seen radical change to the environment in which businesses have had to operate for success. The field is increasingly grasped by VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Digitalization, globalization and growth of networking...

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Mental Change? Agile organizations need new »identities«

On the agile triangle (methods, structure, culture), one of the most difficult aspect remains that of cultural change; that is neither new nor surprising. What we call culture is a combination of many factors that cannot be grasped by causal thought and are therefore...

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Five Stars

Together with the following endorsement of one of our trainings we were asked, what is the difference between a good leadership-training and a five-star training? The answer is relatively simply – don't elaborate on one of the uncountable leadership theories but give...

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Pathfinder 2016 – Leading the Future – Berlin, May 1, 2016

SYNNECTA and the Pathfinders almost have a tradition by now! We met once again this year in Berlin on May 1st with CEOs of leading companies, inspiring speakers and about 800 talents from Allianz, Daimler, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte and Techniker Krankenkasse....

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New Leadership – New Organizations

Criteria for a Successful Transformation (Part 1) Everyone knows that an organization's viability for the future is decided by its ability to react and adapt to fast and fundamental changes to its conditions. Many know how organizations can be modernized, transformed...

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Pathfinder 2015 – Leading the Future – Berlin, May 1, 2015

CEOs chose a forward-looking topic, nominated speakers and about a hundred talents each from their own organization to meet in an aeroplane hangar at the former airport Tempelhof in Berlin on Labour Day. It was a successful idea, and there was a passionate host: Gabor...

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The Future starts today

The future starts today. It is going to be the way it will be. And yet it was decided yesterday and today whether we will be ready for it, successful and content. Our prediction tools have by now taken on the guise of magical rituals. We are under pressure to perform...

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