Coaching plus Diagnostics

What drives you personally, what really satisfies you?

What is your actual personality type, and what are your preferences? Which of your characteristics can you count on in any situation – what are your strengths? What potential do others see in you?

Thinking about and answering such questions opens up opportunities for personal development, and not least of all for managers. Experienced SYNNECTA consultants support you as part of coaching sessions and employ different analysis tools, depending on the situation and target (for example, MBTI, Reiss profiles, BIP, SYNNECTA 360° Feedback), which provide a suitable basis for discussion.

Would you like to …

  • determine your personal strengths and development potential at present in a professional context, in order to work on your performance in a more targeted fashion?
  • conduct a self-image/external-image comparison using an appropriate tool?
If so, please feel free to contact us, with no obligation – we are sure we will have the perfect offer for you.