Leadership Training

»You can chop wood without love,
but you cannot deal with people without love.«
(Leo Tolstoi)

To us, leadership training means accompanying people through personal challenges in everyday management. We assist individuals in coaching. With our SYNNECTA formats, we develop teams and groups in seminars and workshops. We conduct complex leadership development programs for your organisation. We understand leadership, on the one hand, as individual skill and, on the other hand, as a management context, as the performance of the context in which the culture of a business has significant influence. In our concepts, we also influence the distributive leadership (grassroots leadership), which is gaining more and more importance in new organisational forms.

We understand what leadership really needs today in times of complex dynamic changes (VUCA). We know that the question of the ideal leadership style is nothing new. In the era of empathy, it has come to centre around trust, intuition and appreciation. Situational leadership and globalisation, participation and matrix organisation, Generation Y and Z – these are all areas of conflict which we deal with competently.

Our goal: individually empowered leaders in an agile, engaged culture which is open to learning.

For us, education is much more than imparting knowledge. Education means the empowerment of people. In other words: We open the way for space and concepts that enable lifelong learning and self-empowerment. In doing so, we offer classic instruments of leadership training, such as coaching workshops, seminars and personality diagnostics. There are also the new SYNNECTA formats, which we have developed and established over our many years of working, such as VUCA-Handling, burnSCout or »Leadership Journey«.