Growing Diversity

»An equalisation of people that goes beyond equality of opportunity is the highest injustice.« (Karl Jaspers)

It is a boom, popular and even trendy. That is a starting point – but not what motivates us. Instead: We are convinced of the need to deal with diversity. We advocate a sustainable and open discussion of the topic, and not as a fad. Those who ignore the variety and diversity of people separate themselves from reality. And companies that deny reality are not sustainable. We cordially invite you to familiarise yourself with our approach and to become honestly and truly involved with diversity. Real movement does not take place on paper, but in our minds and hearts.

Diversity means variety. Variety means wealth.

With a SYNNECTA »Growing Diversity« event, you are active in spheres that are far removed from lip service and glossy brochures: It’s all about self-involvement, discovery, awareness and the willingness to change. At the same time, it’s about the strategy and achievement of your company. One of our measures, is to examine and analyse key aspects of personal and organisational development in terms of diversity within your company. Methodically, we use well-founded diagnostic analysis tools that we have developed and used successfully in strategy consultation.

Together with you, we determine the measures that suit your business. Feel free to contact us. Under Events , you can register for our open seminars. Are you interested in our viewpoints and positions on the subject? Read more under Diversity.

We have signed the Diversity Charter and commit ourselves as a member of the Internationale Gesellschaft für Diversity Management e.V. (idm), the International Society for Diversity Management.