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»Any expansion of our knowledge arises
from making the unconscious conscious.«
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

SYNNECTA offers open seminars and events which you can register for. We offer our formats to you for good reason: they have proven effective.

They are used for personal development, self-reflection and enjoyment. We invite you, as a participant, to have individually enriching experiences, exchange ideas and learn from each other, for the benefit of your own individual life as well as the work world. The topics stimulate confrontation with the actual conditions and future trends in the world, with society, with organisational structures and with personal identity.

If you would like to request an offer for an in-house event, the presentation and the orientation of the content will be adapted as needed.

Leading Remote Teams – Successful Digital Leadership (starting April 1, 2020)

One side effect of the Covid-19 situation is that more and more companies are suddenly faced with teams working from home. Many leaders have to figure out on-the-fly how to manage and lead their team remotely. To help succeed at this new challenge, SYNNECTA is offering on-demand online workshops Leading Remote Teams.

Leading remotely includes some unique challenges and pitfalls. SYNNECTA consultants have been leading teams and managing projects remotely for many years. We have learned much about how to keep a team together, which mistakes to avoid and what is important for leadership beyond just applying methods. The unique skills for building and maintaining trust online are also valuable support for leaders in this new situation. This knowledge is not dependent on special technology beyond regular videoconference software. more