Working Methods

Creating thinking spaces and world views

Our methods and materials are new and different, as well as being means to an end: insight pictures, finger paints, compasses, flower petals.

Our working methods are process and dialogue oriented; we work with creative and research-based methods. People from the creative industries, such as photographers, live visualisers and musicians, accompany our consultants at events and provide inspiring input. We offer our products from diagnosis and design to implementation. As a result, both the preliminary diagnostic analysis and the implementation of the event are ensured.

Space for dialogue and new experiences

We dive deeply, activate the hidden, unconscious resources of your organisational culture, and harness the potential of interpersonal relationships. The development of a social system occurs with the system and from the system. To us, it is important to create space for dialogue and new experiences that make a difference to people. We clarify and solve emotional disturbances and cultural barriers in order to achieve objectives on the factual level more effectively.

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