Learning Logistics in the Land of Smiles

The SYNNECTA Qualification Offensive goes to China An innovative, dialogue-oriented logistics training... in China. Is that possible? There are plenty of stereotypes about learning in China, including positive ones. However, they certainly do not include interaction...

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21st Century Leadership: 1st TrendLab in Shanghai, China

»The word of VUCA sounds very VUCA, while the world of VUCA is really VUCA.« That is a very interesting comment shared by one of the participants in the first TrendLab in Shanghai on February 28th, 2014. Initiated by SYNNECTA, invited by AHK (German Chamber of...

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There hasn't been much change yet. We Europeans send our employees to, say, Asia, in order to teach and we invite employees from other countries to us in order to learn. Quite apart from the problems these traces of the colonial era bring into our relationships, I...

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Chinese blessings: SYNNECTA opens second Asian office

2012 has been very successful and eventful for SYNNECTA. We started out founding our new Bangkok branch, and can now happily announce the opening of a sister branch in Shanghai last September. China is known for having an extremely versatile and dynamic market, a...

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»Same same, but different«

European thoughts on Thai culture »Same same, but different« - what does the salesman across the street mean with this strange sentence? You can hear it coming from every corner of the city when on a stroll in Bangkok. What is the sense behind it? it seems to be due...

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SYNNECTA Thailand invited to prestigious Business School event

It was our privilege to be invited by the prestigious NIDA Business School Alumni Association committee to be part of their 6th Alumni reunion programme as guest speaker. The event, »Evolution of Organizational Change - for Success« took place at NIDA - National...

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