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We did it

Industry 4.0

It is currently the main economic issue, and there is hardly any topic whereby the impact on industry and society is discussed so controversially. When it comes to the question of how digitalisation changes the working world, different opinions determine the public...

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Sophia 2015 – agile takte/agile beats

Opening Night - many people, cultural sites and temples of dining, good food, various contacts, lively conversations, an entertaining evening - content. Day One - arrival at Praterinsel, surprisingly different location, irritation, demolition style, no doors, graffiti...

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»If music be the food of love«

»If music be the food of love, play on!« (William Shakespeare) The Sophia workshop is important to us. It is a symbol of creativity, sociability and enjoyment, of shared education. Education, the essence of enlightenment. This year, Sophia took place in spaces that...

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Life, Work and Play in a VUCA world: SOPHIA 2014

SOPHIA 2014 brought together SYNNECTA consultants and trainers with participants from the worlds of business, academia and culture in the loft style, autumnally warm atmosphere of the Cologne Kunstsalon with a view across the colourful rooftops of the south of the...

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The inauguration of our new offices in June 2014

Good conversations ensued, very lively and inspiring ones. They addressed such topics as the cultural understanding of the Asian continent, diverse in itself as it is, for once as seen from the viewpoint of our Asian colleagues. Or the subject of sexual...

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Sophia 2013 – Control

In February 2013, the 9th Sophia Workshop took place at Klosterhotel Marienhöh, Germany. The workshop was focussed on »control« and gave our participants not only the opportunity to understand control, the loss of control and alternative ways to control in...

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