Organizational Development

We understand people as the driving and shaping force in a system.

Development for us means emerging, developing and creating. Our aim is to create a living context for the emergence of an agile enterprise: an enterprise that can respond to changes quickly and innovatively and can actively initiate them. We intervene in a targeted fashion in order to sustainably and positively shape the culture, way of thinking, decision models and orientation of your company. We do this based on our hermeneutic model. In the process, we particularly promote and accompany the development of the attitude and behaviour of employees and executives.

We resolve blockages and work with the staff to develop potential, successful behaviour alternatives. We work together with peopleand enable emotional contact and involvement regarding the corporate objectives and values. Together with you, we create the basis for dedicated employees. This expands the scope of action, which helps the proven become effective and innovations become possible.

We design, compose and implement moving dramaturgy.

According to each objective and situation, we use and develop appropriate ideas and interventions: new forms of leadership training, arts-oriented processes for internal communication and visual methods, social media, tools to establish vertically democratic leadership forms or classic support processes in the form of interface workshops, team building training – from the corporate conference to lively, themed forums.