Hermeneutic Consulting

Horizons of meaning

Hermeneutic consulting opens up possibilities

Consulting aims to provide the people in an organisation with new, better and more appropriate options for addressing their issues and tasks. Hermeneutic consulting opens up possibilities and provides a differentiated point of view. It promotes integrative cooperation, in which the will, the skill and the need of the people in the organisation are taken into account. SYNNECTA has developed a model to resolve barriers as well as to liberate and expand the problem-solving and development skills of organisations. The hermeneutic consulting model is a foundation, a way of thinking, an attitude with which we look at people and social systems and conduct consultations.

People (e.g., executives or employees) and social systems (e.g., a group, a team, a business unit) act in the foreground, in the present, and are on individual horizons of meanings. They refer to these horizons and use them to describe themselves. As a result, they are determined in their actions by these horizons.

The horizons are not always chosen consciously. They develop from past experiences and actions. As a result of processing, the subject develops a self-image, describes the relevant context, interprets these and acts according to this interpretation.

Every issue with which the subject is concerned brings along its own horizon and is perceived and evaluated. The position in the horizons makes the perception and evaluation of a specific topic possible. The horizons of all those involved influence the possible ways and variations of the handling of the topic as well as any possible solutions.


Hermeneutic consultancy aims at changes in such horizons. In this process, SYNNECTA relies on a bricolage of methods: The choice of intervention(s) which is targeted and tailored to the situation results from a newly weighted horizon which is jointly developed with the customer. Usage leads to training concepts, forming internal communication and methods from the fields of organisational development and change management.