Insight Pictures

SYNNECTA insight pictures are a map for consulting

An effective communication tool

An insight picture is a multidimensional image of your organisation and compresses the organisation in its complex relationships. The insight picture is jointly developed in multiple phases with employees of your organisation and our consultants and designers and then used as part of other events and consulting sequences within your organisation.

SYNNECTA insight pictures have proven to be an effective communication tool when it comes to building a common understanding with other people regarding diverse complex subjects as well as internal organisational processes and future changes.

Intuitive, playful discovery and exchange

Insight pictures function through the connection of image and dialogue. They invite people to intuitive, playful discovery and exchange, arouse curiosity and are fun, so they offer key elements that are important for successful learning and cooperative change. Connecting the perspectives of design, structures and work flows with the process perspective of the organisation creates a common image, a common language and a common understanding of the topic of change.

The establishment of the shared vision, such as in the form of workshops for managers or employees, are, in our experience, the most effective catalysts for change that an organisation can give itself. In particular, to increase the acceptance of change and to enable the entire organisation to learn about itself, we have used insight pictures for several years when advising companies.