People learn, organisations learn

The SYNNECTA workshop is a form of learning for groups whereby a determined group of participants in a particular subject area work and learn together. SYNNECTA Workshops take between two and three days at the same location and at the same time.They are divided according to a structured series of plenary sessions and parallel workshop units. As a result, individual learning is linked in many ways with the learning of the organisation.

With a thematic focus (e.g., leadership, change, project management), a variety of workshops with a wide range of subjects offer a safe place for personal learning. Participants remain responsible during the day for the learning path they have chosen.

SYNNECTA Workshops have their own schedule

On the analogue level of learning, the SYNNECTA workshop program thus reflects the diversity of the current learning and change processes in companies and gives participants the responsibility for their own learning. Within the plenary phase, there is also the opportunity to address common issues and to use community-creating elements. In this way, individual learning in small groups is connected with large group forms, and the advantages of both forms of learning are used.

The form of the SYNNECTA workshop, with its dense sequence of individual and joint events, corresponds to the dynamism and diversity of contemporary corporate realities. Workshops have short cycles that are connected with leisure; they demand a fast pace while also displaying a chance to slow down. In the evening and night events, learning and the culture of learning are experimented with. Seriousness and happiness, play and observation, contemplation and action alternate with each other.

Dynamics resulting from polarity
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doppelpfeil duty
small groups
doppelpfeil large groups
doppelpfeil discovery
doppelpfeil passivity
doppelpfeil the unknown
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A tangible benefit

SYNNECTA Workshops have a tangible benefit. They

  • energise and mobilise relevant employee groups
  • promote networking as well as face-to-face meeting and contact
  • enable demand-based learning
  • ensure the sustainability of individual learning concepts
  • enable a constructive learning and educational culture
  • vitalise and dynamise the organisation
  • create identity and strengthen cohesion
  • contribute innovative ideas to your company
  • improve reflectivity and information processing
Various themes, different forms

In recent years, SYNNECTA has designed and conducted about 40 different workshops: As an open workshop or pure »in-house workshop«, as an external option or the integration of internal and external services, with small groups or entire manufacturing plants.

Workshops are unique: Demand-oriented and tailor-made, unique events, composed of proven as well as new, successful as well as experimental elements:

Leadership Workshops – Change Workshops – Project Manager Workshops – Future Workshops – Conflict Workshops – Moderator Workshops – Facilitator Workshops– Communication Workshops – Sale Workshops – Performance Workshops – Team Workshops – Coaching Workshops