Seeing, learning, doing as key experiences

Understanding, motivation and the courage to change

synnact is a practical, solutions-oriented tool for the visualisation of processes and their topics. With synnact, a common picture of the current and a future situation is created. The result is a shared understanding and a common language about change concerns. At the same time, the expertise of the organisation is used to optimally structure the change in a company.

The form of visualisation and communication when working with synnact lets the abstract become concrete and vivid. The participation and empowerment of people beyond hierarchy and departmental boundaries as well as the understanding of the situation are the focus of the work. Through insight into the problem and the inclusion of people with their knowledge and ideas, there is a growth in understanding, motivation and the courage to change.

synnact in the workshop

synnact accompanies and supports change initiatives in processes: both in the definition of the optimisation steps – with a focus on their feasibility – as well as during the implementation itself. By applying synnact in the workshop, the view of the whole and the parts is sharpened. The mutual exchange of information and the recognition of the different influencing factors are the basis for this. In this way, the common overview and shared understanding of the issues at hand is made possible.

The form of the workshops and the visualisation creates the basis for ensuring that departmental thinking which inhibits innovation and positive results is overcome, and that problem-oriented thinking and action is promoted. The prerequisite for finding jointly supported and feasible solutions is established as a result.

Designing a workshop with synnact:

  • You will need three to four hours.
  • You involve the relevant and participating colleagues and employees.
  • You visualise the current status of the process with its components within the defined system boundaries, thereby applying various synergies-forming and analytical methods.
  • The insights gained can now be transferred to a future state.
  • You agree together on how to proceed.

synnact develops very special dynamic and is sustainable and efficient. In the workshop, there is a continuous dialogue about the possibilities of that which is jointly organised and dealt with. Planned measures are therefore selective, highly effective and complete.