Premium automotive producer launches worldwide qualification offensive for 800 logistics employees

The fact that logistics is more than moving boxes from A to B is well-known to most businesses; that they can be at the centre of innovation, technical progress and future success in the automotive industry however is a feat becoming increasingly clearer to the eyes of management.

Challenges such as

  • Increased internationalisation
  • Worldwide supplier network (global sourcing and best cost countries)
  • Market Volatility
  • »Lean Logistic«

cause the logistics field to become increasingly complex, and create the necessity for new answers. A new and clearly defined »bigger picture« is necessary for this evolution:

100% delivery guarantee, efficient and robust processes, reduced staging-areas for line-side presentation, the greatest possible flexibility – these are the guidelines for the upcoming global change process.

SYNNECTA developed, in close cooperation with internal experts, a comprehensive qualification program for over 800 employees in our customer’s worldwide logistics ›community‹, creating the basis for a mindset-change within the company.

Qualification doesn’t have to be dry and full of PowerPoint slides. We at SYNNECTA believe in creating practice-oriented and interactive qualification concepts. After designing and communicating the goal in the form of an insight map, SYNNECTA accompanies the employees during a series of interactive workshops. After the two-day Learnshop, the employees had the opportunity:

  • To understand the company’s logistics-processes in their full scale, as well as each sub-process’ role and influence in the whole endeavour.
  • To acknowledge the upcoming challenges and necessary changes
  • To develop an understanding for the relevant processes, their network and time sequences
  • To experience and understand, during a unique, client-specific simulation exercise designed by SYNNECTA, how the company’s logistics process works as a whole, as well as what their individual part in it is.
  • To recognize and acknowledge the part of the logistics community in the company’s success and be proud of their work.

As for us, this experience effectively showed that not just management or change-related themes can be relevant for workshops; complex and challenging technical contents can be addressed and conveyed in our Learnshop formats just as well.

Renate Standfest, Detlef Däke