Movement in Cologne City: SYNNECTA inaugurates the new office

Although the word »real estate« may not appear as something moving in the first place: A new property needs a lot of activity before it is inaugurated – and is also able to set some things in motion. Exactly this happened when SYNNECTA Cologne moved to our new office. First of all: We created more space. Space we will use with our clients, partners and friends.

This means also: They will move in our direction more often than before. Now Having three conference rooms, there will be a lot more possibilities for meetings and events. Coaching, training and workshops all have different demands that we will from now on be able to fulfill – and our great fundus of material will be applied much easier.

We will stay in the center of Cologne – just one klick ahead from the great cathedral – but in a quiet area close to the Rhine. After refurbishing everything just the way we imagined, we finally moved to our new office on September 23rd. Of course, we are benefiting from the situation to re-organize ourselves internally. As you see: The »state« in »real estate« is nothing that can detain us from moving forward.

The address for account of SYNNECTA GmbH in Karlsruhe will not be changing. All appointments, events and workshops in Cologne will from now on be held in the following address:

An der Münze 1
50668 Köln