Time brings us the chance to have increased experiences with non-analogue workshops using different digital tools. We see the value in this form of collaborative working whenever we have to exchange facts and figures, whenever we have to inform and to get feedback. It makes things easy and fast. In our webinars we already know, that exchanging knowledge and informing about skills is working well. We also get step by step good results by working with non-analogue breakout groups and doing so we have the element of social calibration of the group at least partly solved. Our first steps to integrate group dynamic elements in this form of workshop.

Nevertheless, there is something missing.

Words without body

Voltaire put the topic boldly in one of his aphorisms: »One great use of words is to hide our thoughts.« Bodies, eyes do not lie. So, when it comes to confrontation, to bring people out of their comfort zones, when there must be addressed group dynamic topics, we encounter the limits of the non-analogue working form. We miss, what our Chinese friends’ phrase so well: We do not reach a heart to heart talk.

But we are working on it. Do not hesitate to contact us – developments are fast in this time.

Rüdiger Müngersdorff