Society and economy are shaped by changes. The cycles of supposed stability get shorter and shorter. Accordingly, human resources and organizational development have to question themselves permanently and pose the question whether traditional instruments and theories are still suitable and effective for a company’s needs – or if it is necessary to develop and implement new concepts. However, the focus should still be put on the people, who should be supported in their work and the challenges linked to them.

With our SYNNECTA TrendLab, we pursue the idea to discuss a current »trend topic« with colleagues and customers from different organizations. In this manner we would like to provide an impetus by posing questions, identifying topics and think about new concepts. Furthermore, with discussions, we would like to put potential changes and needs in concrete terms and to recognize the necessary steps leading to a new direction of success.

The SYNNECTA TrendLab …

  • gets enterprises and consultancy together in an open atmosphere
  • provides space for dialogue and reflection of current trends and developments of Human Resources and organizational development
  • is organized and moderated by SYNNECTA
  • takes place in your region (e.g., Munich, Stuttgart or Cologne Region)
  • does not take too long with 3-4 hours

Currently, a TrendLab in Stuttgart Region is planned, taking place next autumn. Topics for discussions could be:

  • Leadership in confusing and difficult times:
    How could an alternative approach of leadership in confusing and difficult times look like? We would like to discuss our ideas and approach with you.
  • Acceleration of the working environment:
    How can people’s work performance least long despite acceleration and increasing pressure? How can it grow and be combined with life quality at the same time?
  • Diversity and sexual identity – a taboo at the workplace?
    How can enterprises face the task of organizational development to include sexual orientation in diversity management and let the public discussion on it become common?

Further information on place and time will follow. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Johannes Ries: