SYNNECTA GmbH is a sponsor and cooperating partner of the youth centre anyway e.V. in Cologne. In January 2015, SYNNECTA counsellors Fetiye Sisko and Hanna Göhler visited the youth centre to conduct a workshop on facilitation skills for employees of the SchLAu Team. Here a report of the participants:

»If you’ve been doing something well for a long time, it doesn’t mean youcan’t do it even better.«

SchLAu KÖLN has been coming together with about 1000 school kids every year for 15 years to talk with them about discrimination in everyday life. Standing in front of large groups, acting as a facilitator, analysing group dynamics on the spot and accommodating different needs accordingly is an integral part of every workshop. Now we are able to do all this even better! Because Fetiye and Hanna of SYNNECTA have given the Schlau Köln Teamers new ideas on facilitation as part of their workshop »Train the Trainer«. They have highlighted the role of all Teamers in a workshop, given advice on unforeseen situations, pointed out the importance of small things like seating arrangements and placement in the room and shared their own experiences and considerable knowledge with us. And we all had fun to boot 🙂

Even after many years of experience, it is always good and useful to regularly get new input and opinions from outside. We appreciate the excellent cooperation with SYNNECTA and would liketo thank our two trainers Hanna and Fetiye in particular!

The entire SchLAu-Köln Team

We, too, would like to thank you for this great day and wish you continued success with your seminars.

Fetiye Sisko und Hanna Göhler

SchLAu Köln, run by the Youth Centre anyway, is committed to fostering awareness of lesbian, gay, bi- and trans-sexual * lifestyle issues. The aim is to reduce prejudices and contribute to a social climate in which all people can live without discrimination.